Upgrade Your Feline Experience! No more scooping. Clean litter beds. Neutralized odors. Ultra large Waste container with a 12+ days capacity.

How it works
  • No more scooping!

    That's it! Kitty enjoys a 100% clean and 99.9% disinfected Cat Litter Bed. Your Scooping days are over!

  • WiFi-enabled

    Remotely control all features and set parameters via Wi Fi and App.

  • UV sterilization

    Unlike other systems, ComfyCat Ultimate is equipped with 2 advanced Ultraviolet light sterilization systems that kill 99.9% of all common bacteria inside the waste drawer

  • Safety systems

    ComfyCat Ultimate has several proximity sensors that detect cats of all sizes (including kittens).


Your scooping days are over. Comfycat Ultimate is a fully automatic, self-cleaning premium litter box for cats.

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100% Natural Premium Clumping Litter. Dust free, Clumps in seconds, Flushable. Great odor control. Absorbs moisture 3x better than Clay.

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A totally customized box of themed toys and treats for your kitten - every month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Comfycat Ultimate work?

    • ComfyCat Ultimate is fully Automatic and Self-Cleaning
    • 7 minutes after a cat has done its business (this can be changed to 5min-30 minutes via the App, at client’s discretion), the litter is forced through a filter that separates the cat waste from the unused litter as the middle barrel spins. It turns in the other direction to put the fresh litter back in position for the next kitten, dropping the cat waste into a drawer hidden beneath the barrel as it rotates.
    • The process efficiently separates Waste from the Clean Litter and deposits waste into a 13L waste drawer.
    • Then the UV sterilization cycle starts (this can be changed to 2-30 minutes via the App, at client’s discretion) to kill and disinfect 99.9% of all common bacteria, fungi and viruses responsible for bad smells and cat illnesses. The Ultraviolet sterilization process safely stops when movements are detected.
    • Once the UV cycle is done, the device is on standby mode again.
  • Which cats can use Comfycat Ultimate? Is it safe for Kittens?

    • Yes, Comfycat Ultimate is safe with Kittens. It uses an infrared detector to track movements and thus safely detects cats of all sizes.
    • Accommodates multiple cats weighting up to 22 pounds (10 kilograms).
  • What Litter does Comfycat Ultimate require?

    • Comfycat Ultimate works with all Clumping Litters with smaller particles.
    • We recommend our very own Comfycat 100% Natural Premium Clumping Litter. It is exclusively made of natural ingredients (Tofu-Soybeans and Corn-Kernels), is dust free, clumps in seconds and absorbs 3x faster than Clay. Our natural litter is flushable so you can just empty it in the toilet. Natural litters are a lot healthier for Kitty’s lungs as they do not contain toxic chemicals & dust.
  • What are the dimensions?

    • Dimensions: 23.6L x 22.8W x 28.0H inches (60L x 58W x 71H cm)
    • Floor area used: only 3.6 sqft (0.33m2).
    • Vertical Headroom from the Litter bed: 20 inches (50cm): great for cats up to 22 pounds (10 kilograms)
  • What is included in my order?

    • Comfycat Ultimate
    • Motor Base
    • Waste Bin Cover
    • Waste Bin
    • Cleaning Rake
    • Litter Tray
    • Tracking Pad
    • USB Wall Charger with Type-C Cable
  • Please describe the 30 days money back guarantee.

    • If you or your cat are not entirely satisfied with your COMFYCAT Ultimate, just return it for a full refund of the purchase price (you are responsible for return shipping expenses).
    • The product comes with a 12 month Warranty.

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