came into

How this came to be

Did you know that most litters contain silica that can cause cancer in cats? And that Clay litter contains Bentonite that, if ingested, can create big issues with your cats? We all love our animals so why do we not treat them better?

The mission of ComfyCat is to only offer high quality products that are good for Kitty. Like our 100% natural, 100% biodegradable litter made of natural ingredients (soybeans and corn kernels)


Tested by cats

ComfyCat is a cat managed business! Our testers are 2 adorable angora cats called Captain and Fluff (brother and sister). They need to give their ‘paw of approval’ on anything that is listed on! When we adopted them, we decided that Fluff and Captain would live a long, healthy and happy life and so have worked with them to select:

  • High quality food
  • 100% natural litters with only all natura ingredients (and none of that Silica and Bentonite!)
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes that track their health (weight, weight of faeces & report issues)
  • Cool toys that they actually like playing with and that keep them happy!

Conscious about the Planet

Did you know that cat litters are an environmental disaster? Bentonite Clay is mined from the earth. Vegetation is removed and this leads to deforestation and impact on animal life.

Further energy is consumed to turn the clay into the final product. And finally, none of this is biodegradable so you have millions of tons of bentonite cat litter ending up in Landfills every year.

We do not want to be part of this and so only offer a 100% natural, 100% biodegradable litter that will not impact the environment. Our all-natural product is also much healthier for kitty.


We love feedback so feel free to drop us a line to say hey! And please let us know what you think of our products and what other products you would like us to develop ????

And please send photos of your pets using the products. We hope your kitties have as much fun using them as our Captain and Fluff!